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Urban Unit Tender Supply of Drinking Water Bottles Nov 2016

Tender Notice Advertisement in Newspapers

Urban Unit Tender Supply of Drinking Water Bottles Nov 2016

Description of Tender
Tendering Number
Last Date & Time for Collection of Tender Decuments
Eligibility of Qualification Requirements
Tender will be Opened Date & Time
Amount of Earnest Money Deposit
Quantity Details abailable on PPRA Wbsite
Scope of Works/Services
Completion Period
Tender/Quotation and Inquiries in Pakistan of Government and Private Sector

Urban Unit Tender Supply of Drinking Water Bottles Nov 2016
Urban Unit Tender Supply of Drinking Water Bottles Nov 2016


  1. Tender documents containing specifications and terms & conditions can be obtained from the department.
  2. Tender is also available at PPRA Website
  3. Government taxes will be deducted at the time of payments as per government prescribed rates.
  4. Copy of NTN Certificate and Challan Form duly deposited into department.
  5. Tender documents are specification can be obtained from office timing on production of copy of Registration Certificate Issued by Department.
  6. In case government announces any public holiday or due to unavoidable Circumstances, the tender will be opened on next working day.
  7. It may be noted that all other tenders of HIT are available at PPRA Website
  8. Undersigned reserve the right to accept or agency may reject tender subject to the relevant provisions of PPRA Rules.
  9. The conditional and telegraphic tender will not be accepted.
  10. Tender will be mentioned separately as imposed by Government of Pakistan.


  1. The payment of sale tax, on the material equipment etc. shall be the responsibility of the contractors.
  2. The contractor has to pay the wages etc. to the personnel engaged.
  3. A medical fitness certificate from the Government hospital must be submitted in respect of each labourer to be deployed at by the contractor.
  4. In case of any incidents / quarrel / complaints occurred / thefts in the all type of FIR with the police, court cases on this account has to be dealt by the agency immediately with information to supervisor.
  5. The contractor will be responsible for timely payment of Wages Fund.
  6. The deducted record of each worker is to be submitted in the along with Bill and Attendance.
  7. The contractor has to submit proof in respect of each worker by name the workers engaged by the contractor.
  8. The agency and his personnel shall be settled at Labour Office any dispute between .
  9. Any risk involved in performing the duty by the labourers would be sole concern of the department.
  10. Other liabilities and the government department shall not accept

Education Management System, ems4all website uploads daily tenders in Pakistan for Government, Private sector and Public Sector Organizations. Government and private sector quotation published in newspaper. This inquires published from Pakistani Newspapers as scanned advertisements. Tender Service Online is the largest tender service of Pakistan. Which provide quotation in Pakistani websites and newspapers? Tender notification is an online service. Tender Notice hereby invited from the bona fide supplier for the following items in the departments. Invited Notice is an electronic information system. Quotation Notices online service provides an accurate and searchable listing of active and archived. Tender Inviting notices issued by Urban Unit Tender Supply of Drinking Water Bottles Nov 2016 .

Tender Inviting Notice in Pakistan of Government and Private Sector


Sealed tenders notices are hereby invited from the reputed agencies for quoting the rates for annual contract of providing Services at the government and private sector. The period of contract will initially be for one year which may be extended further on year to year basis subject to contractor’s performance & his willingness to provide the services on the same rate at the discretion.

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Urban Unit Tender Supply of Drinking Water Bottles Nov 2016


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